Exploring the Streets of Bruges & Ghent in Belgium

Me: Bonjour! Parlez anglais? Person: Oui/Yes Me: Awesome *switches to English* *conversation in English* Me: Great! Grazie! I mean Thanks... I mean Merci *walks off embarrassed* This was basically the format of every conversation I had the first time I went to Belgium, from the person at the Tourist Information Office to random strangers on... Continue Reading →

Awesome Blogger Award

*** Hiya! *** I was nominated for an “Awesome Blogger Award” by Goody On A Budget. Whoopee! 😆 Thanks so much girl! The rules for this award are to thank your nominator, link their blog, answer their questions and then give 5+ people 10 questions to answer. Her questions for me: 1. How would you... Continue Reading →

Doing It Solo in Malta

My favourite things about Malta were the beaches, boat rides and the public transportation. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE the beach and the boat rides really added to my experience. I was able to learn so much about the country and its history while seeing the islands from another from another angle. Maltese public transportation is one of the best I have experienced. It is quite efficient and easy to figure out.

Lecce: What to Do?

The “Florence of the South”, Lecce isn't the most well-known Italian city but it is worth a visit! Check out what you can do if you find yourself in or nearby Lecce.

Dear Lecce, you will always be my first!

Located in the Puglia region of Italy, Lecce was my home for 3 weeks in August 2016. Lecce isn't one of the first places that you think of when you think Italy but it is well worth a visit! Learn about my time in Lecce and things to do there.


I am very happy that I chose to study abroad in Italy. The best part has been all the constant reminders of home.

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